McAllen Independent School in partnership with Dell EMC

Aerohive Networks, Inc. announced that McAllen Independent School District (ISD) selected Aerohive, in partnership with Dell EMC, to improve the students and teachers user experience with innovative technology for the learning environment.

McAllen ISD chose Dell EMC networking solutions together with wireless devices from Aerohive.

The Aerohive and Dell solution proved to be more robust and easy to manage, performing better than McAllen’s past solution. Supported by Dell EMC partner Weaver Technologies, LLC, the district deployed Dell EMC Networking N3024F, N3024P and N3048P 1/10GbE switches; Dell EMC Networking S4048 switches; and Dell EMC Networking C9010 switches. The Dell Networking solutions inter-operate smoothly with the district’s existing Dell EMC servers. SonicWall, Inc.’s devices secure the network.

The Aerohive solution, in comparison to other products that we’ve looked at and had, has really come to aid us in manageability of the client,” said Pat Karr, district director of network services, McAllen Independent School District. “Every device that we have is now being managed through the controller-less wireless setup that we have, and we can see every device that’s coming onto the network. We can password protect it, and use private pre-shared keys to help us with that. At the end of the day, it’s providing us a good viewpoint of what our students and staff are doing and what we can try to do better to make it more efficient and faster for them.

McAllen’s collaboration with Dell EMC and Aerohive yields lasting technical and learning benefits. The close integration of Dell EMC networking and Aerohive products has enabled McAllen IT to manage the devices better. Because of the way McAllen, Dell EMC and Aerohive work together, the IT department can develop solutions at reasonable costs that are sustainable over time.