The Customer

Located in the Texas Panhandle, the city of Amarillo is home to just under 200,000 people. It is responsible for providing public safety, transportation, public works, and many other public services to the community.

In 2017, the city of Amarillo hired a new CIO, Richard “Rich” Gagnon, to oversee the city’s technological infrastructure.

The Right Time

Rich quickly realized that the city needed a major overhaul to bring it up to date. The infrastructure was outdated, uncentralized, and difficult to manage. It was not able to effectively handle the city’s growth over the past decade.

They needed a centralized location to house their police department’s camera data, which, up until this point, was still being stored on physical tapes.

Finally, they needed to update their endpoints to provide additional security against malicious actors and attacks. Rich reached out to Dell, who recommended Weaver Technologies, to help modernize the infrastructure of the city of Amarillo.

The Right IT Solution

Dell and Weaver collaborated on a modernized approach. The first step was to move the data center to a hyperconverged environment using Dell VxRail.

Dell Avamar on Data Domain was used as a backup solution to cover files and storage and to provide protection from viruses like malware. Weaver also helped to create an on-premises disaster recovery plan.

Weaver then looked at the public safety department. VMware Horizon was deployed on-premises and used in conjunction with in-car compute to replace their aging Toughbook laptops, saving the public safety department $1 million. Isilon was, then, implemented as a storage solution, allowing for all camera data to be stored in a centralized location.

The Right Reason

The entire network overhaul was dependent upon the budget and approval of the city board. To help make the necessary solutions more affordable for the city, Dell Financial Services were leveraged with a 0% financing option.

With the ability to spread the budget out over time, the board approved the implementation, and the project was quickly underway. The city of Amarillo is now much better equipped to handle the needs of its community and its multiple departments.