Located in Del Rio, TX, Val Verde Regional Medical Center (VVRMC) is a rural community hospital that employs over 700 people. The hospital serves more than 2500 patients each year and is an integral part of the community. It prides itself on delivering top-notch medical services comparable to that of big cities.

In ________ of 2022, Weaver Technologies’ account executive, Kevin Prifogle, was contacted by a Dell partner requesting that we come onboard on a project with VVRMC. They had recently purchased a VxRail and Cyber Recovery Vault from Dell Direct but needed an experienced team to assist them with installation and integration.

Weaver Technologies deployed solutions architect, Ryan Weaver, to go onsite and assess this situation. Ryan was able to complete all migration services. He got the cyber recovery vault working and got the backup started which took care of their infrastructure problems, but he soon realized that they were in much worse shape than they even realized.

Ryan discovered that the core router switch had absolutely no redundancy, meaning that if that switch went down, the entire hospital would go down.

Faced with this new information, Ryan felt that it was imperative that additional switches be installed to offset the reliance on the core router switch. Dell s5296 switches were ordered, installed, and implemented with success.

Now that VVRMC was operating in a much healthier environment, conversations then moved to security. Ryan crafted a security solution and presented it to the team; however, in the midst of internal security discussions, the hospital was hit with a ransomware attack.

Weaver Technologies moved swiftly to put a response team in place onsite at VVRMC. Due to the attack, the hospital had been reduced to using pen and paper for all transactions. They had no way to track employee or patient data, and more importantly, they were worried that private patient information had been exposed to the attackers. The hospital was on the verge of complete collapse.

Weaver Technologies technicians were immediately dispatched all around the hospital to reimage every machine in order to get them back up and running, while Ryan and his team assessed the situation. Fortunately, because the cyber recovery vault had just recently been installed, all of their backups were protected. The Weaver team was able to restore everything over the course of one weekend and the hospital was only down for less than 48 hours.

Had Weaver Technologies not been brought in at the right time and not implemented the right solutions, there was a great possibility that VVRMC’s system would have been down for months leaving hundreds without medical care. Weaver Technologies and VVRMC were able to work together to create a disaster recovery plan to thwart any future attacks from bad actors and to ensure consistent, quality healthcare.