The Customer

Established in 1983 by three founding partners, aiming to provide exceptional service in public accounting, Whitley Penn has since blossomed into one of the region’s most distinguished public accounting firms with nine locations across the state of Texas, serving a wide array of industries.

The Right Time

In January 2021, Whitley Penn was searching for a way to update and centralize their infrastructure. They purchased VMware Horizon to create a secure, multi-cloud desktop that managed all physical end-user devices in a centralized location.

After trying for months to implement the software on their own, they were unable to get Horizon to work properly with their applications and network environment.

Unable to use the costly software that he had purchased over a year ago, Whitley Penn CIO, JD Stotts reached out to Weaver Technologies, in July of 2022, to assist with implementation.

The Right IT Solution

After months of trying, unsuccessfully, to implement VMware Horizon, a virtual desktop interface, Whitley Penn contacted Weaver Technologies.

Weaver deployed solutions architect, Michael Payne, who came out to assess the current Horizon environment and ensure that the purchased software was the right solution to solve the virtual desktop challenges that Whitley Penn was facing.

Michael determined that the VMWare Horizon software that was purchased in 2021 aligned perfectly with Whitley Penn’s needs. Weaver stepped in and worked alongside CIO, JD to fix the immediate issues and help streamline their virtual desktop deployment.

The Right Reason

Instead of recommending that Whitley Penn purchase additional costly software and/or equipment to correct its issues, Weaver was able to determine that the software they already had was exactly the right solution to their virtual desktop problems.

Weaver Technologies was able to successfully implement the software into Whitley Penn’s environment with excellent results.