Technology is constantly evolving and improving. That inevitably leads to changes in the technology and IT solutions utilized by any given company. While implementing new IT solutions can greatly benefit a business in the long run, it can also lead to a lot of stress for employees. What can you do to minimize that?

Focus on Value

It’s tough for employees to feel good about something new if they don’t see its value. Focusing on the value a new IT solution offers is one of the first things you should do. This gives employees a “why” behind the change, which makes them more inclined to feel positive toward it. Give employees a chance to ask questions about new IT solutions. Explain why you chose what you did and be as transparent as possible.

Focus on Training

Successfully implementing new IT solutions requires training. Provide employees with as much training as they need to feel comfortable with the new solution you’re introducing. Training events, as well as more personal training, give employees a chance to become familiar with the new IT solutions and begin to understand them better. This also allows you to answer more questions and reinforce the new solution’s value. Keep in mind that some employees will pick things up faster than others. It may be helpful to identify those who adapt more quickly and enlist their help in training other employees. The more familiar and comfortable employees are with your new solutions, the less stressed they’ll feel when they’re implemented.

Focus on Early Adoption

You’ll find that some employees are more adaptable than others when implementing new IT solutions. These employees are invaluable when it comes to reducing stress surrounding new IT solution implementation. Their increased comfort level, interest, and enthusiasm for new IT solutions will encourage other employees to feel similarly. If you’ve previously implemented new IT solutions, these employees should be easy to identify. If not, look for those who are comfortable with technology and adapt to change. They’ll be good candidates.

Stressed employees have a tough time performing well. While you probably won’t eliminate their stress when implementing a new IT solution, how you approach the implementation can minimize the stress they feel. Carefully plan and execute the implementation of new IT solutions so your employees and your company benefit as much as possible both now and in the future.

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