The Customer: HCCNC

The Hill Country Community Needs Council was founded in 1983 by local community members with the aim of coordinating programs that meet the essential needs of families, children, and the elderly in Gillespie County. With 28 programs including crisis assistance, counseling, senior services, and child and family services, HCCNC serves over 4,000 individuals each year and is dedicated to addressing gaps in social services.

The Right Time: IT Challenges

HCCNC benefits greatly from the support of organizations, businesses, citizens of the county, local schools, law enforcement, and the Gillespie County Ministerial Alliance. It relies primarily on the donations of local organizations and much of the donation money goes directly into programs and resources for community members in need. With so much time and money spent serving clients, priority had not been given to the infrastructure critical to keeping HCCNC in motion.

In March of 2022, HCCNC, reached out to Weaver Technologies to inquire about helpdesk hours. The entirety of the HCCNC IT department, at this point, consisted of one individual who was wearing many hats and was desperately in need of support.

The Right IT Solution: Weaver Technologies Steps In

When Tammy Vollmar, an account executive from Weaver Technologies, visited HCCNC, she discovered a range of challenges the organization was facing. Since its inception in 1983, HCCNC had grown exponentially, but still had much to do to bring their existing technology up to date. They were using Gmail to manage their email and they had no centralized location to store data.

Tammy presented a proposal to HCCNC, taking into consideration their budget constraints. Upon hearing the organization’s challenges, founder and CEO of Weaver Technologies, Donald Weaver, promptly approved the donation of all services, software, and support to HCCNC.

The Right Reason: Giving Back to the Community

Weaver Technologies migrated HCCNC to Microsoft M365, a more business-friendly environment. They turned on Multi-Factor Authentication, for added security, and added Bitdefender virus protection to all computers. They were even able to repair a computer that HCCNC had previously been told was unsalvageable.

As a result, HCCNC now has a centralized location to store and share data securely and efficiently, freeing up valuable time for staff to focus on delivering essential services to the community. The upgrade also allowed for better collaboration and communication between staff and clients, leading to improved outcomes for those in need. The technology upgrade provided by Weaver Technologies has made a huge impact on HCCNC’s ability to serve the community and has increased the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Not only did Weaver Technologies provide the right IT solution, but they also made a significant donation to the community. Donald Weaver’s commitment to giving back to the community is a testament to the company’s mission of making a positive impact. The donation has enabled HCCNC to continue its mission of providing essential services to those in need.

The Hill Country Community Needs Council is grateful for the support from Weaver Technologies and the local community. With their help, HCCNC is well on its way to providing the best possible services to those in need and building a stronger community.