Software Defined Data Center

Weaver Technologies will help transform your existing data center into a dynamic system that can grow with your business. Our partnership and alignment with Dell EMC and VMware®, allows our team of professionals to help our clients focus on IT’s most critical data center technologies and deliver results against ever demanding financial metrics.

The Elements of Our Software Defined Data Center

The “software-defined” data center concept extends the benefits of virtualization beyond server platforms, enabling the creation of shared pools of resources that can be allocated dynamically for any size business.

  • Software-defined networking, which moves the “control plane” of the network away from individual network devices to a controller that works with all the devices, virtual and physical
  • Software-defined storage, which similarly decouples the control plane from the data plane so that storage devices can be managed as a single resource
  • Cloud infrastructure and management, which provides virtualized infrastructure services with built-in, policy-based intelligence to automate on-demand provisioning, placement, configuration and control of applications.

Weaver Technologies will help transform your existing software defined data center into a dynamic system that can grow with your business.

At Weaver Tech, the Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure Solutions delivers 3 key benefits for our customers.

Dynamic Framework From DEll EMC

Weaver Technologies will help transform your current server into a dynamic framework that can help your business grow.

Our partnership and association with Dell EMC and VMware® enable our team of experts to enable to help our clients focus to concentrate on their IT data center technologies and deliver results against ever demanding financial metrics. With a software defined data center, all assets and resources are simplified as we quicken the provisioning of computing, storage, and networking resources through policy-driven automation.

The Dell EMC software-defined storage transforms storage resources to create a unified, intelligent layer that gives you maximum ease and control.

End User Computing

At Weaver Technologies, our End User Computing (EUC) solutions are built on the foundation of VMware® Horizon® View™, coupled with a suite of tools.  VMware EUC products enable businesses to evolve past the limitations of legacy desktop architectures and deliver end-user freedom with secure access to services across devices and operating systems.

With a Weaver Technologies solution featuring Horizon you can expect to:

  • Simplify desktops and application delivery
  • Secure data and enforce compliance
  • Support a rich, adaptive user experience
  • Dramatically improve ROI

Network Virtualization

Network virtualization is critical for global and large enterprises, government agencies, and smaller organizations that are transforming their infrastructure with the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). Target organizations place a priority on time-to-market and flexibility & agility within their IT infrastructure.

Network virtualization with VMware NSX® delivers the operational model of a virtual machine to the datacenter network, across the existing physical network hardware.  By implementing services in the hypervisor, VMware NSX provides a high-performance distributed solution with the operational model of a virtual machine.  This enables VMs to be placed anywhere within the datacenter and move within or across datacenters while maintaining all existing services.


Most rely on virtualization to reduce the physical server infrastructure from a compute standpoint as well as reduce power consumption.  The VMware vSphere® architectural design is developed to support virtualization of production workloads with the infrastructure characteristics of scalability, extensibility, availability, manageability, performance, security, and recoverability.

As a VMware Enterprise Solution Provider, Weaver Technologies works with customers to help them develop an effective virtualization strategy.  Weaver Technologies’ Virtualization Services are designed to ascertain the technical, financial, organizational and business aspects of introducing a virtual infrastructure into the customer’s environment. Weaver Technologies Virtualization Services will lay the foundation to deliver a comprehensive study and roadmap for deploying the virtual infrastructure with a focus on maximizing ROI.