Businesses across virtually every industry have needs when it comes to data storage. Data storage is what allows you to keep important information both secure and easy to access. Not all data storage options are created equal though. You need quality storage at an affordable price point. Enter Dell EMC PowerStore.

What PowerStore Offers

PowerStore is designed to be a midrange data storage option that blends affordability and quality. It’s intended to be data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable. With a design that is optimized for performance, scalability, and storage efficiency, it’s able to handle virtually any workload with uncompromised efficiency. Its intelligent automation has protective health analytics that allow it to monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot the environment. This comes as a result of its programmable infrastructure which allows for the simplification and optimization of management and system resources. The way it’s built allows for flexibility in deployment, consumption, and architecture.


PowerStore comes in two configurations: T and X. The PowerStore T configuration offers both Block and File services, lending to its storage-centric capacity. It can be used to store files and folders, as well as organizing data in evenly sized blocks that are great for frequent access and editing. A CoreOS starts off the software stack with deployment straight onto bare metal hardware.

The PowerStore X configuration provides storage, but is also designed for running applications. It only offers block storage. In this configuration, a hypervisor is installed on bare metal (like the T configuration with the software stack then being deployed on the hypervisor.


PowerStore is designed for scalability. It’s intended to allow you to scale both up and out. If you need more storage, scaling up is the way to go. You start with a Base Enclosure. From there, Expansion Enclosures can be added on top of the Base Enclosure. Up to three Expansion Enclosures can be added to a Base Enclosure. With 100 drives per enclosure, you’ll have 96-98 of them available for data storage.

If what you need is to increase your processing power and storage, you’ll need to scale out. Scaling out is horizontal, whereas scaling up is vertical. If you add more Base Enclosures, you’re scaling out. You can group up to four PowerStore appliances to create a cluster.

Any business that relies on data storage knows how important it is to have a storage option that fulfills your needs and fits in with your budget. That’s why Dell made PowerStore. Designed to have a lower price point without compromising on quality, its design provides you with the quality, options, and scalability you need to store your data properly.

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