Software is an integral part of companies today. It’s so important, in fact, that many can’t function effectively without it. Of course, just because you had the software you needed at one point doesn’t mean that you still do. The needs of companies continue to fluctuate and change, sometimes necessitating the integration of new software. Unfortunately, such a task is sometimes easier said than done. There are some pretty common problems that companies often run into when they try to integrate new software.

Dealing with Monolithic Systems

Monolithic systems are those that have monolithic architecture. In other words, it has aspects and components that are functionally distinct, but are interwoven so that the architecture of the system is not made up of separate components. That can make integrating new software especially challenging.

Integrating Products from Multiple Systems

There are a lot of different systems out there that offer a selection of software products. Of course, each system has its own pros and cons, which may lead you to wanting to pick and choose different products from different systems to create a customized system that meets the needs of your business. The tricky thing about that is that while it’s relatively easy to integrate products from the same system, that’s not necessarily the case when you’re mixing and matching. Despite the difficulty, however, if you can put together a set of software that really meets your company’s needs, you’ll be much better off.

Finding the Right Integration Tool

Sometimes integration itself is the thing that poses the biggest challenge. There are plenty of tools out there that you can use to integrate new software, which can be nice if you can find the right one. Of course, having multiple options can mean that finding the right integration tool isn’t always the easiest task. You’ll probably need a hybrid integration tool so you can seamlessly integrate cloud-based software with premises-based software. That allows you to make the most of what the cloud has to offer without having to compromise on the security and privacy that local applications offer.

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