E-sports has seen quite the boost in popularity over the last several years. Sure, gaming has always been popular, but not quite as widely as it is today. That increase in popularity and demand has led many to create their own e-sports programs. Of course, such a thing can be easier said than done, especially if you’re dealing with the more technical side of things. That’s even more true if you don’t know what it takes to get one going successfully in the first place.

Bandwidth and Latency

E-sports requires players to be fast and, at the top levels of competition, have superhuman-like reflexes. Of course, even the fastest reflexes in the world won’t be enough if you don’t have the proper bandwidth and latency. Your bandwidth is what allows multiple users to transmit data simultaneously, a must when you’re supporting multiple players. Proper latency is the other half of the puzzle. It’s what makes it possible for data to reach its destination in a timely manner. When it’s milliseconds that count, proper latency and speed are everything.

Regular Software Updates

Games are constantly evolving. It’s what helps keep long-time players engaged and can entice new players to join. As such, you’ll need to make sure that accounts are kept up to date. Beyond that, you’ll need to make sure any security software and other essential programs are also kept up to date. When you have a program that revolves around the internet and computers, you can’t afford to ignore the regular software updates that will help ensure that everything continues to run smoothly.

Quality Equipment

Good equipment is another e-sports program must-have. Quality PCs, mouse pads, keyboards, mouses, and even chairs can make a huge difference in the comfort and performance of program members. Of course, serious e-sports players tend to have their own preferences and may have their own special equipment. Allow them to bring their own if they have it, since they’re more likely to perform well with equipment they know and love. Still, it’s also a good idea to provide quality equipment for any players who may not have some of their own already.

If you want to get an e-sports program up and running, you have to pay attention to the technical aspects. Sure, things like advertising your program, training, analyses, and competitions all matter too. Still, the tech provides the foundation for the program to run off of. Make sure you do it right.

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