Every business is unique. Because of how unique things like operations, structure, and needs can be, it helps to have as-a-service solutions that are just as unique. That’s where APEX Custom Solutions comes into play. APEX Custom Solutions has two ways to help your business: Flex on Demand and Data Center Utility.

Flex on Demand

Flex on Demand is a flexible consumption model. As the name suggests, it has a pay-per-use structure that provides flexibility and elasticity in terms of the services you use and thereby the amount you pay. Flex on Demand allows you to get the infrastructure and services that you need without having to pay for a ton of stuff that you don’t need or use. In this regard, it can help save you money by circumventing a large upfront expense. It’s perfect for businesses who need custom configurations rather than a predetermined one.

Data Center Utility

Data Center Utility is the other one of APEX Custom Solutions’ offerings. Like Flex on Demand, Data Center Utility is highly customizable and leverages a pay-per-use model for data center operations. It has no minimum capacity requirements. It’s designed so that you make a monthly payment based on your usage while getting the support and management you need for your data center and operations. With such capacity for customization, Data Center Utility is perfect for businesses with specific needs that may fluctuate.

Why It Matters

All of this matters because no two businesses are going to have the exact same IT needs. These solutions provide measurable value to customers. On an annual basis, storage costs can be lowered an average of 23%. Incidents of downtime are roughly cut in half, and the time it takes to deploy additional capacity is improved by 92%, according to an IDC study. All of that only means good things for businesses.

Your business has a lot of specific needs when it comes to things like software and tech systems. If you want to have a shot at making your business run as smoothly as you can, you need solutions that are just as unique as you are. Remember, if you’re ever unsure of what sort of solutions will work best, you can always ask the specialists at Weaver Technologies any questions you may have.

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