APEX is a portfolio of as-a-service products created by Dell Technologies. It features things like APEX Cloud, APEX Data Storage, custom solutions, partnerships, and APEX Console. The intention is to create a collection of products and services that make IT simpler, more flexible, and easier to control. So what role does the APEX Console play in all of this?

Basic Console Uses

If having a single interface that you can use to manage a variety of different functions sounds good, the APEX Console is for you. It allows you to do a host of different things such as discovering different resources and services APEX offers, configuring and subscribing to new services, and updating and renewing subscriptions so you can ensure that your business’s IT capacity can keep up with its growth. It helps make all of that much more streamlined. Additionally, it allows you to deploy workloads and resources, monitor and manage services while tracking KPIs for objectives, and take a proactive approach to optimizing your performance.

Empower Your Business

IT is often considered something that is best left to the experts. There’s definitely truth to that, but there’s also something to be said for a greater degree of self-service. APEX Console offers that, thanks to the ability to configure services and monitor and modify your subscriptions. You should know better than anyone else what your business’s needs are now and how those change as you grow. Thanks to APEX Console, you are empowered to control your business’s IT growth and expansion so that it fits with the growth you experience.

Improve Your Reach

In today’s business world, you may have customers, contacts, and employees across the globe. That can make communication, access, and transactions tricky sometimes. Not with the APEX Console though. Those who use the APEX Console in the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany can access the Console in the language native to their country. They can also manage services using the local currency. Businesses in other countries that use APEX Flex on Demand can also find support through the Console. You don’t have to worry about borders getting in the way of your IT needs so much anymore.

The APEX Console is an important part of the APEX experience. It creates unity and cohesion between APEX services and helps you manage what you have. Its design prioritizes self service and creates an interactive experience. If you ever find yourself in need of further APEX services, the APEX Console will have you covered with the option to subscribe to services you aren’t already using.

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