How much of a priority is security for your business? It may not be something you think about all the time, but it should be a priority. Failing to properly secure your business can have devastating consequences. But, what if you don’t even know where to start? That’s where Weaver Technology comes in. Using a few assessments, we can help you secure your business.

Vulnerability Assessments

There are two types of vulnerability assessments: internal vulnerability assessments and external vulnerability assessments. Internal vulnerability assessments identify both real and potential vulnerabilities within your company network. It operates within your organization’s firewalls. Internal vulnerability assessments help protect your organization from threats like malware from a USB stick or an internet download, or disgruntled employees who seek to target your business from within. External vulnerability assessments look at how secure your business is from the outside. It assesses the strengths and weaknesses of your firewall to see how vulnerable you are to outside attacks targeting your network.

Virtual Infrastructure Security Assessment

If your company uses virtualization technology, have a virtual infrastructure security assessment done. This assessment looks for risks and vulnerabilities in a virtual environment. Things like platform, data, and physical security; access and operational controls; user and resource security; network configuration; security monitoring; and security policy management may be included in the assessment. Once the assessment is complete, a plan to address the identified risks and vulnerabilities can be made.

Network Security Design Assessment

Network security design assessments test how effective your network’s security defenses are against threats to your network, devices, and sensitive data. There are two types of network security design assessments: a vulnerability assessment and a penetration test. The vulnerability assessment identifies weaknesses. The penetration test is like a drill to see how your system holds up against a cyber or social engineering attack. Both give you a better idea of where your current IT security stands and where you need to make improvements.

Properly securing your business is important. It protects sensitive data for your customers and your company, as well as your reputation. Do you have the resources you need to properly secure your business? Do you know how to make that happen? If you need help in this area, Weaver Technology is here for you. We can help you figure out what your IT security needs are and how to meet them.

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