Every company out there has sensitive data that they collect and store. Some of it is company data and some of it is customer data. Regardless of the makeup of the data, the fact that it’s sensitive is enough to make taking measures to protect the data a priority. Data protection can be achieved with sophisticated software solutions, but there are some other simple things that every company out there should be doing as well.

Be Smart about Password Security

Password security is one of the most basic things anyone can do to help protect sensitive data. It’s easy to allow employees to use weak passwords, since those tend to be passwords that are easy to remember and enter. That ease is what makes them weak, however, and is what can leave your data vulnerable. Require employees to use strong passwords and consider using trusted password managers to help with password management.

Create a BYOD Policy

It’s pretty common these days for employees to use their own devices for work purposes. From smartphones to personal laptops, all sorts of personal devices could be used to access company data, especially if you have remote employees. While this can help with managing costs associated with acquiring technological assets, it can also pose a security risk. Have a policy for employees who use their own devices that outlines the security regulations you expect them to adhere to in this regard.

Have a Plan for Data Breaches

There is always the possibility that you’ll become the victim of a data breach. Even the most sophisticated security software is not infallible. As such, it’s wise to have a plan for how to handle a data breach, should one occur. This plan should cover things like changing passwords, contacting the relevant financial institutions, and making reports to credit-reporting bureaus. Having a plan in place can make navigating a data breach much less stressful if you find your company dealing with one.

If you collect any sort of data, it’s important for you to take steps to keep it secure. Don’t count on bad actors to overlook you simply because of the size of your company or lack thereof. You can be a target regardless of your industry, notoriety, and size. Some of the steps you can take to protect sensitive data are simple. Make sure you practice them.

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