Every company should be committed to continuous improvement. Such a thing can be easier said than done, however. That’s especially true when it comes to figuring out how to meet your company’s IT needs if you aren’t familiar with IT yourself. So who should you talk to to determine what your company’s IT needs are and if you’re meeting them?


The people in your company who use different aspects of IT to do their jobs are among the first people you should talk to when trying to figure out what your company’s IT needs are. Employees are an invaluable resource when it comes to figuring out what works and what doesn’t about the tools they have at their disposal. They may have some ideas for what improvements could be made as well. Talk to your employees about what aspects of IT work well for them and what don’t or are superfluous.


Your customers are another valuable resource when it comes to determining what your company’s IT needs are. They probably don’t know what IT systems you use or even what you could use to improve your company. That said, they do have a good idea of what your business does well and what it could do better. Collect feedback and see if there are common themes that tie back to your company’s IT systems. That can provide you with direction for how to improve going forward.

IT Specialists

Sometimes a company’s IT needs are difficult to identify for those who are unfamiliar with IT in general. For that reason, it’s smart to bring IT specialists into the conversation. Let them see where your company is currently. Discuss your goals for your company and where you stand in relation to completing them. IT specialists can help you figure out what needs to change to best meet your needs and further company goals. They can even help you implement necessary changes once you’ve identified them.

It’s always best to get input from others when determining your company’s IT needs and if they’re being met or not. Discuss the current state of your company’s IT needs with people from different groups to get a more complete picture of where things are at. That way you can determine how to best improve as you move forward.

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