This past Wednesday we had a terrible accident at our restaurant. A construction worker hit a sprinkler head causing it to release and flood our dining room. Before I knew it, Christopher Welch, was in the middle of the disaster helping us remove the water and clean up the mess. He was never asked, he simply jumped in to help. Within minutes Tammy Vollmar showed up and jumped in helping clear the water and dry off the furniture. I later found out Chris was on the phone with Tammy when this happened, and she dropped everything to come help us.

This is the exact example of Customer Service that I will be using in my training class for all my new hires. This dedication to simply jump in and help when we were in our darkest hours showed me again why I choose Weaver to be our partner.

You should be proud of how your team performed and the dedication they have to their customers. Thank you for being our partner.