Businesses today are more dependent on technology than ever before. Even industries that might not immediately come to mind when thinking about tech-dependent businesses are often quite reliant on technology. That is especially true of rugged industries that may find themselves needing more rugged solutions. That’s where the Dell PowerEdge XR Rugged Servers come into play.

Who Needs It

Getting bumped around or collecting dust can spell some serious trouble for your average server. Businesses or entities involved in military operations, command centers, factory floors, construction sites, and other more extreme environments need servers that can handle the conditions that are common in those situations. It’s not just enough to keep replacing server after server.

Rugged Features

The Dell PowerEdge XR Rugged Servers were built with these sorts of businesses, industries, and entities in mind. Don’t let its compact size fool you. The exterior of these servers are specifically designed to withstand dust, vibration, extreme temperatures (between -5C and 45-55C, depending on the model), and shock. They also have certifications in maritime, EMI, and humidity. These servers are made to be compact and comply with Marine, NEBS, and MIL-STD standards.

Powerful Performance

It’s not enough for a server to be designed with ruggedness in mind though. It needs to have a powerful performance capacity as well. The Dell PowerEdge XR Rugged Servers have multiple accelerators and use Intel technology, allowing them to be as powerful internally as they are designed to be externally. If that’s not enough, they’re built with safety and security in mind every step of the way. There are three different models of rugged servers: PowerEdge XR12, PowerEdge XR11, and PowerEdge XR2. The three models provide enough variation that you should be able to find one that is a good match for the needs of your rugged business

When a business or industry needs more rugged solutions than the average piece of technology is able to provide, it’s time to start looking for solutions that are designed with that sort of durability and performance in mind. The Dell PowerEdge XR Rugged Servers are an excellent place to start. With features designed to hold up and powerful performance, these servers are great for the most rugged of industries.

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