When it comes to technology, there’s a world of difference between finding something you can use to get by and the right piece of tech for the job. If you need a server for your office, you don’t want to settle for something that allows you to just get by. You need a server that will meet your needs with the ability to expand with your business. That makes Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers an ideal option for your office.

The Benefits

The last thing you want around your office is a server that is so noisy that it interrupts work. Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers feature quiet, non-disruptive acoustics so they won’t disturb your employees. They also offer quality performance and versatility, making them ideal for offices both large and small. They can even work in remote offices. If you want a server that is easily managed, automated, and deployed, Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers are an excellent choice.

The Options

Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers come in multiple options for you to choose from. Whether you need a mini-tower or a rack-capable platform, there’s an option for you. These tower servers can be sorted into two categories: a one-socket configuration or a two-socket configuration. With five one-socket configurations and three two-socket configurations, you’re sure to find one that meets the needs of your office.

What It Does for Your IT

If you need a server for everyday business applications like file sharing, printing, point of sale, and database operations, the one-socket configuration will do. Otherwise, the two-socket configuration will support advanced computing, web serving, power-hungry workloads, and even virtualization while offering expansion flexibility and additional processors. Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers keep you in line with the latest tech, are easy to use, and have security built into them at every step. You’ll be able to more effectively manage business expenses, reduce IT infrastructure complexity, and keep your data safe.

Servers are an essential part of an office’s technological array. They make it possible to share information and provide services, both of which are crucial for any business operation. If you need a server for your office, don’t settle. Opt for quality and performance instead. You’ll be glad you did when your technology systems run more smoothly because of it.

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